Jolita Trahan

Jolita Trahan
Jolita, a native Texan, moved to Italy in 1978 and for 12 years she worked at the American International School of Florence as the high school coordinator.
In 1983, she began her career in the fitness industry, in the era of Jane Fonda aerobics. She followed the evolution of this profession, through the path of hip-hop, step, weight training, BOSU, to the arrival of the mind-body trend, and with the introduction of Pilates into wellness centers… and Pilates changed her life. In 1998, she took the first steps in her Pilates education with the Pilates Institute under the direction of Michael King. In 1999, she became the director of his school for the Italian territory.An important step in her career took place in 2007 when she opened her studio: “Touch – Personal Pilates”. Another milestone moment was when she founded her own teacher education program “Pilates Network” in 2008.
Motivated by her desire to increase the depth of her knowledge, Jolita enrolled in the 250-hour mentorship program with Lolita San Miguel and in 2010 she obtained the certificate of “Second Generation Master Trainer” from Lolita.Under the sponsorship of Lolita, Jolita was able to sit for the PMA exam and passed it with success. In 2017, Jolita was elected by her peers to be part of the PMA Certification Commission, known today as National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP). She presents workshops and seminars around the world. As to date, more than 500 instructors have studied with Pilates Network, and the story continues…

Franca Rossi Teacher Trainer

Franca Rossi

Franca Rossi, after graduating at the ISEF – Institute of Physical Education in Rome, began her working career as a teacher of Physical Education. She taught at the “Istituto Paolo Orlando” school. She continued her training in the field of dance and then of fitness, directing her own fitness studio.
Over the years, she has been a national and international presenter of aerobics and fitness, and director of various sports centers in Rome.
The constant need to expand knowledge on the physical and mental wellbeing led her to take up more specific studies in the field of rehabilitation and posturology. She earned a Master of Posturology at La Sapienza University in Rome and of the Raggi method’s fit-bench, and then she became a teacher for the training course “Axis of Life”, the postural-kinetic technique created by herself along with Dr. Vittorio Bellei.
At the same time, she specialized in Pilates technique at the Pilates Network School directed by Jolita Trahan, and later she became a teacher of the school.
She has been the director of his own Pilates and gymnastics postural-kinetic studio, “Punto Fit” based in Ostia (Rome), for ten years.

Alessandro Meloni Tamponi Teacher Trainer

Alessandro Meloni Tamponi

Alessandro Meloni, who graduated in Physical Education at the University of Urbino (final vote 110/110), began his professional training of the Pilates technique in 2005 with the Pilates Institute under the mentorship of Jolita Trahan.
In addition to continuing his education (both Matwork and Apparatus) with Pilates Network School founded by Jolita Trahan, he became certified with the BOSU® and Gymstick®, equipment for which he presented workshops at prestigious international conventions in Europe.
In 2006, he met James Earls, an assistant to Thomas Myers (author of Anatomy Trains), who led him to discover the myofascial work, which he studied in workshops held by James Earls together with Thomas Myers. In 2008 he participated in the creation of a training protocol with Auramat® and in 2012 he started collaborating with Dinamo Basket Sassari, winning the most prestigious cups at national level.
Following a passion for functional training, he continued his studies with Tacfit, Clubbell and Circular Strength Training courses, the Ghirisport method by Oleh Ilika and the Calisthenics, training with the Ido Portal methodology.
In 2008 he opened his studio “Semplice Mente”, the first specialized in the Pilates technique in Sardinia. In January 2017 he opened, together with a partner, the Movimento Garage Sette e CrossFit Capo di Sopra, where various training methods are offered under one roof.

Angelica Stella Assistant to the Program Director

Angelica Stella

Angelica trained with the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in New York and achieved her diploma with maximum grades in 2006. From 2004 to 2006, she was a soloist dancer for the Martha Graham Dance Ensemble on tour in the USA and in Europe. She returned to Italy in 2006, where is combined role as Artistic Director with the “City Theater of Pietrasanta” with her dance career as a soloist in the company “New Dance Drama” with which she toured both nationally and in the USA. As a guest teacher for the Graham technique, she was invited to work for the Jakarta International School in Jakarta, Indonesia.
In 2007, she began her studies of the Pilates method with Pilates Network. She completed the 450-hour program of study in June of 2012. In 2009, she began to collaborate with Jolita’s Studio “Touch” in Florence and in 2010 she began her internship to become a teacher trainer for Pilates Network. She opened her own Pilates studio “Swan” in Seravezza (Lucca) in 2017. She was awarded the PMA Certification in 2018, now known as NCPT.

Marcella Pastore Teacher Trainer

Marcella Pastore

Marcella Pastore is president and founder of A.S.D. Life4Fit® and organizes Life4Fit® events.
She created the technical and educational content of Kick4Fit® discipline and was a member of the National Technical WAKO – Italian Kickboxing Federation, master trainer, national manager.
With the collaboration of Giorgio Radici, she ideated numerous educational programs: PowerKick System, Balance Tool Suspension System, Power Fit, Athletic Power System.
Besides being Kick4Fit® Master Trainer and Balance Tool Suspension System, she is instructor of Savate (French Boxing), Swimming, Water Aerobics, Toning and Kettlebell in many fitness centers in Milan.
She got the Italian Champion Assault degree in 1989 and she became the Regional and National Judge Referee in the same year. She was the first woman in Italy to become Savate instructor and to achieve the rank “Silver Glove 1st” in 1990. Moreover, she got the International Certification of TRX Suspension Training in London in 2009.
She has collaborated with Jolita Trahan, Pilates Network’s founder, to organize the courses based in Milan since 2007. Under the mentoring of Jolita, she has received the certificate of competence for comprehensive Matwork, Reformer and Spine Corrector.

Anna Lattuada Teacher Trainer

Anna Lattauda

Anna began her studies of the Pilates method in 2000 and she completed the 450-hours program of study with Pilates Network in 2013. In September of 2013, she began her internship to become a teacher trainer for Pilates Network.
In 2009, she opened her Pilates studio “Pilates Quanto Basta”, which was originally located within the wellness center B-Fit where Anna had collaborated in 1984. She moved the studio to its new location in 2012. Her studio is the training center for Pilates Network in the north of Italy (near Milan).
Anna has a degree in Physical Education and taught in Italian public schools and dance academies from 1978 to 2014. From the beginning of her career, she attended repeated training opportunities with Reebok Italian University (G. Miller, G. Horizon, M. Masotti, I. Riedel) for Step, Step & Dance, Slide programs, City Jam, Muscle Definition, FIRE, Core Board, flexible strength. She also increased her training in Los Angeles and New York as apprentice in popular fitness centers and dance schools from 1989 to 1996.
Over the years, she furthered her Pilates technique and she completed the “Axis” postural course of Dr Vittorio Bellei and Franca Rossi in 2008. Moreover, she was professor of “Theory and Didactics of Pilates Tecnique” at Cattolica University in Milan from 2011 to 2013.